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This is the web site for Ronald Shatto. I am a computer instructor in Springfield, Oregon. This site was created to help me with my job and to allow others to know something about me.

I was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the fifth child of Miles T. Shatto (from Pennsylvania) and Rose De Nazareth Modesto Mendez (from Brazil). I grew up around the world. When I was less than two years old, my family moved to Italy, Libya, and Spain. I don't remember Italy and Libya but I have very fond memories of Spain. My father was a civilian Technical Representative working for the U.S. Air Force and was responsible for our frequent travels.

After five years in Spain, we moved back to Harrisburg for three years where I attended Schimmell Elementary School. We then moved to the Pacific island of Guam for six years. I attended Barrigada Junior High School (where I met my wife, Maria), George Washington High School, and took one class at the University of Guam while attending high school. Our high school had a program for seniors where if you already had 12 high school classes completed with a high enough grade average, you could attend the University instead of your afternoon high school classes.

A few months after graduating from high school I joined the Air Force and four years later I joined the Army. My military career can be seen using the links above.

My hobbies, now that I have time for them, include photography and building paper aircraft. I will continually revise my pictures section and will add a section for the paper aircraft. My wife and I are foster parents for Green Hill Humane Society. We volunteer to raise kittens until they are old enough to be adopted. The kittens are a source of joy in our lives and it is a sad day when we return them. We have actually adopted two of the kittens, Warren and Charlie.