PCS 222
Linux Workstation Administration

part one

____ 12. The ____ indicates the stability of a Linux kernel.
a. major number c. minor number
b. production kernel d. revision number

____ 13. The concept of ____ enables software developers to read the source code of other people’s software, modify that source code to make the program better, and redistribute that source code to other developers who might improve it further.
a. Open Source Software c. Closed Source Software
b. Linux d. Freeware

____ 14. ____ is software that is distributed free of charge, but the source code is not available.
a. Open source software c. Freeware
b. Close source software d. Shareware

____ 15. The ____ stipulates that the source code of any software published under its license must be freely available.
a. Artistic License c. Free Software Foundation
b. GNU Public License d. Freeware

____ 16. Consider the phrase "collaboration between several developers with a common need speeds up software creation, and when bugs in the software are found by these users, bug fixes are created very quickly" from the chapter. This statement describes which advantage of the Linux operating system?
a. Ease of customization
b. Flexibility for different hardware platforms
c. Risk reduction
d. Stability and security

____ 17. HOWTO documents are centrally collected by the ____.
a. Linux Documentation Project c. Free Software Foundation
b. GNU project d. Linux User Groups

____ 18. Which of the following is the greatest expense for companies using Linux?
a. software upgrades c. hiring staff to maintain the system
b. additional software d. operating system cost

____ 19. Solaris, HP-UX and AIX are all ____ of Unix:
a. versions c. types
b. flavors d. instances

____ 20. The source code for Linux was released in ____.
a. 1987 c. 1991
b. 1990 d. 1993

____ 21. The core component of the GUI in Linux is referred to as ____.
a. GNOME c. Red Hat
b. KDE d. X Windows

____ 22. A ____ is merely a compressed archive of files that usually contain scripts that install the software contents to the correct location on the system.
a. package manager c. tarball
b. DBMS d. router

____ 23. ____ Linux is the most common distribution of Linux.
a. Red Hat c. Mandrake
b. Debian d. SuSE

____ 24. A(n) ____ service provides an efficient method for transferring files over the Internet.
a. FTP c. Web
b. DNS d. Mail

____ 25. A(n) ____ service allows users on a network to post messages in forums.
a. FTP c. Web
b. News d. DNS

____ 26. Companies and institutions using computers to perform extraordinarily large calculations that would be unsuitable for most computers would employ a(n) ____.
a. scientific/engineering workstation c. supercomputer
b. application server d. office workstation

part two

____ 22. On Linux, a master hard drive connected to the secondary IDE controller would be named ____.
a. hda c. hdc
b. hdb d. hdd

____ 11. ____ is the most common method of installing Linux.
a. Installation from CD-ROMs
b. Installation from an NFS server across the network
c. Installation from packages located on the hard disk
d. Installation from a Virtual Network Computing (VNC) server across the network

____ 12. When installing a fresh installation of Linux, the ____ option allows you to select only the packages needed to suit your computing needs.
a. Advanced c. Selective
b. Expert d. Custom

____ 13. The most common place for the boot loader to reside is on the ____.
a. Master Boot Record
b. first hard disk sector of the / filesystem partition
c. first hard disk sector of the /usr filesystem partition
d. first hard disk sector of the /boot filesystem partition

____ 14. In Linux, a(n) ____ is used to accept input from the user and pass the input to the kernel for processing.
a. processor c. swap memory
b. user interface d. shell

____ 15. In Linux, a "-" precedes a(n) ____.
a. argument c. keyword
b. option d. command

____ 16. Which Linux command displays your login name?
a. who c. id
b. whoami d. w

____ 17. Which Linux command gets you out of your current shell?
a. exit c. reset
b. stop d. clear

____ 18. The ____ metacharacter indicates background command execution.
a. @ c. &
b. ^ d. !

____ 19. The recommended size for the /boot filesystem is ____.
a. 30 MB c. 50 MB
b. 40 MB d. 60 MB

____ 23. The shell that is used by default in Linux is the ____ shell.
a. BASH c. gdm
b. root d. command line

____ 26. To find all of the commands that have the word “list” in their name or description, you would type ____.
a. man -j list c. man -l list
b. man -k list d. man -m list

part three

____ 11. The ____ command will confirm the directory that you are currently in on the system.
a. dir c. whereami
b. pwd d. ld

____ 12. The ____ metacharacter can also be used to refer to the current user's home directory.
a. ~ c. &
b. @ d. #

____ 13. To move from the /home/joe/test/data to the /home/joe directory, use the ____ command.
a. cd .. c. /home/joe
b. cd ../.. d. cd ./..

____ 15. Most files on a Linux system that contain configuration information are ____ files.
a. system c. text
b. directory d. program

____ 16. To view a list of files and their type, use the ____ switch to the ls command.
a. -T c. -F
b. -L d. -l

____ 17. A linked file is followed by a(n) ____.
a. @ c. /
b. * d. =

____ 18. The ls ____ command can be used to provide a long listing for each file in a certain directory.
a. -T c. -F
b. -L d. -l

____ 20. To display the contents of a file called data, use the command ____.
a. disp data c. ls -l data
b. ls data d. cat data

____ 21. The ____ command displays the last 10 lines of a text file.
a. end -10 c. stop -10
b. head -10 d. tail -10

part four

____ 14. Copying a file can be accomplished using the ____ command.
a. copy c. cp
b. mv d. cpy

____ 15. The ____ command takes a list of arguments specifying the absolute or relative pathnames of files to remove.
a. del c. remove
b. rm d. delete

____ 17. You can see the contents of a certain variable in memory by using the ____ metacharacter with the echo command.
a. $ c. &
b. * d. #

____ 23. If a user has ____ permission for a file, they can open, read, and edit the contents of a file.
a. write c. read
b. execute d. alter

____ 24. When using the chmod command for a specific file, the ____ argument would add read permission and remove write permission for the group permissions.
a. u+r+w c. g+r-w
b. g-r+w d. o+r-w

____ 25. When using the chmod command, the mode rwx can be represented by the number ____.
a. 0 c. 7
b. 1 d. 8

____ 26. To set all of the special permissions on a certain file or directory, you can use the command ____, where name is the name of the file or directory.
a. chmod 777 name c. chmod 6666 name
b. chmod 7777 name d. chmod 0000 name